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By - Randy

Oil Price Expectations for the 2013 Winter Season

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is responsible for providing a Short Term Energy Outlook every year so as to handout projections for U.S. residential heating fuel prices for the winter season. For this year, here are the specifics: Heating Oil: $3.63 per gallon Electricity: 12 cents/kilowatt hour Natural Gas: $11.33/1,000 cubic feet Based on the above projections, we can say

By - Randy

Get Your House Prepared For This Winter Season

Eventually the fall will end and you don’t have a choice but to deal with the burden and harsh conditions of the winter season. Therefore, it is time for you to prepare your home for the winter season since it is the most exposed to the cold. The good thing is you don’t really have to call in someone else

By - Randy

Discount Oil Or Full Service Oil… Which Is Better?

The debate is on for which is better, discount heating oil delivery or full service oil? In order to understand which of the two your most practical choice is, let’s weigh on the type of services each provides. Two Main Types of Heating Oil Delivery Companies 1 – Fuel Service Fuel Oil Companies The full service company, in most instances,